The Sword – Lawless Lands

Cabinet Building

DSCN4778I did the cutouts for the drivers today, despite the fact that the parts haven’t arrived yet.

I got the dimensions for the tweeter cutout from Seas’ Idunn. For the woofer cutout I trusted the dimension drawing from Seas with a little safety margin added.

It went ok as you can see from picture.

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New speakers

VTip5I just ordered the parts for some new desktop speakers. They’re called ER18DXT. I discovered them about a year ago, and wanted ‘em ever since.

Because of their American origin I had to make some modifications to make these work in my European mind.

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Procrastination most often arises from a sense that there is too much to do

fbb8638c4ae562db8629728b7814dde7“Procrastination most often arises from a sense that there is too much to do, and hence no single aspect of the to-do worth doing. . . . Underneath this rather antic form of action-as-inaction is the much more unsettling question whether anything is worth doing at all.”

– Mark Kingwell

Such much for new year’s resolutions.

Great lyrics

Do you remember when you were young and you wanted to set the world on fire?

Die Peitsche klatscht auf Johnny’s Po, ja das macht mein Pony froh!

ZFS on FreeBSD

I have been seriously impressed with the systems posted in the Storage Showoff Thread over at [H]ard|Forum. 10TB  is the minimum amount of storage to even participate and some people are exceeding 100TB.

Interestingly, the top list consists mostly of Windows and Linux machines. Just one entry for OpenSolaris and none for FreeBSD. Of course given the market share of server operating systems in general, Windows and Linux are expected to show up often. However I wonder why so many people with obvious interest in reliable storage miss out on the impressive features offered by ZFS.

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Fuck Sony Entertainment


Playing with BTRFS

btrfs is hopefully the next best filesystem for Linux (A short history of btrfs). Featurewise it mimics ZFS, although technically the two don’t have much in common.

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