A nice volume control OSD

3rvxHaving recently installed Windows 7 x64 onto my company’s Dell D630 laptop, I missed a volume control OSD. The one from Dell which I used with XP was very ugly, and I didn’t really feel like going on the hunt for a x64 version on Dell’s homepage. Besides, the Dell volume controls sucked big time:

It would often miss a keypress, so you could not tap-tap-tap your volume up and down. Instead you had to hold the volume key, nothing happens, and then suddenly the volume would change very fast.

Today I discovered 3RVX, a .NET application that mimics the Mac OSX on screen display, including the volume change sound.

The only thing that bugged me was, that the OSD’s bar didn’t exactly line up with every key press. To fix that, you have to setup the shortcuts like this:


While I think it’s pretty stupid having to manually assign the “Volume Up” key to the “VolumeUp” function, now it’s working beautifully. Finally a nice volume control OSD for Windows :).

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