Cabinet Building

DSCN4778I did the cutouts for the drivers today, despite the fact that the parts haven’t arrived yet.

I got the dimensions for the tweeter cutout from Seas’ Idunn. For the woofer cutout I trusted the dimension drawing from Seas with a little safety margin added.

It went ok as you can see from picture.

Sadly I made two errors:  The first one while marking the center of a woofer cutout, so one baffle has the woofer 5mm higher than the other. Plus the rabbet for one tweeter is about 3mm deeper than it should be (which is an easy fix with the help of some padding).

I will use these baffles for now and make new ones when my new router bits arrive: I ordered a flush trim bit with a 25,4mm cutting edge and a straight bit with a long shaft. Right now I have to make the cutouts from two sides because the router doesn’t go deep enough with the height of the router guide added. Also I can’t cut through the MDF at once, but have to go around multiple times, each time adjusting the height of the router. The new bits will make the work a lot more pleasurable.

Veneer choices

I narrowed the veneer selection down to these:


Striped macassar ebony or rosewood. But I really think I’ll go with ebony. The ER18 has a paper cone with reed fiber mixed in. The macassar veneer has a kinda similar looking structure:


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