I’m currently using a Dell Latitude D630.dscn4291aegi It’s not as nice as my previous Thinkpad T60, but it’s good enough for me. I upgraded to 4GB RAM and I’m currently running Windows 7 x64. The laptop is usually connected to my Samsung F2380 monitor which I can highly recommend if you’re ok with the downsides mentioned in various reviews. It’s one of the cheapest non-TN panels around.

Speakers are DIY Fullrange Cyburgs Monitor.


Router is a Asus WL-500W. Used to run DD-WRT on it, but I’m more fond of TomatoUSB right now, because of better QoS. The Asus sports a 266Mhz MIPS CPU and 32MBytes of RAM. It can easily handle any amount of P2P traffic and has great WLAN coverage.

I added a cheap 3com Gigabit switch for faster transfers to and from my…


My fileserver is essentially my old desktop PC. It got a 2.0 Ghz Athlon 64 X2 Core, 1GB of G.Skill RAM and a nForce 3 mainboard. I installed a 2nd SATA Controller. Hard drives reside in a Coolermaster Stacker 4-in-3 cage. I use Noiseblocker fans exclusively and I’m very happy with them.

I used to run ArchLinux for over 3 years, but have since switched to FreeBSD because of ZFS support. I run a RAID10-like mirror setup with daily snapshots. 3.5TB of useable space.

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