Upgrading Storage…again

A little more than a year ago I predicted

My new storage will be able to hold almost 3 TiB of data, over 6 TiB in total (with backups). I think that will be enough for a year.

And I was right. In fact I’ve been wanting to upgrade my fileserver for 2 months now. This time however things are a bit more complicated.

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Seagate Momentus XT

The Seagate Momentus XT is my newest toy. It’s a hybrid 2.5” hard disk. Hybrid because it comes with a 4GB SLC NAND read cache. And I think it rocks.

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I should blog more often



Upgrading Storage

Got myself two new WD15EADS as the space on my fileserver was running out. Luckily it’s the 3 platter version (00P8B0). The drives are silent, cool and running smooth. I love my green power drives (got another two WD10EADS).

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I’m from Barcelona


New Band in my collection: I’m from Barcelona. I discovered them because one of my favorite singers ever SoKo was featured on their “new” album Who Killed Harry Houdini?.

It’s hard to believe there are 29 band members as the sound is rather minimal and in no way overproduced. Easy and happy feet-dangling music <3.

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Fixing H.264 video stutter

planet_terror_poster_01 I never had a problem with H.264 video files, however my Blueray rip of “Planet Terror” brought my system to its knees. This movie is a nightmare for any video codec because of all the grain and purposeful “errors” in the picture, thus the bitrate for this movie was insanely high (almost 15Mbps) causing it to stutter.

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A nice volume control OSD

3rvxHaving recently installed Windows 7 x64 onto my company’s Dell D630 laptop, I missed a volume control OSD. The one from Dell which I used with XP was very ugly, and I didn’t really feel like going on the hunt for a x64 version on Dell’s homepage. Besides, the Dell volume controls sucked big time:

It would often miss a keypress, so you could not tap-tap-tap your volume up and down. Instead you had to hold the volume key, nothing happens, and then suddenly the volume would change very fast.

Today I discovered 3RVX, a .NET application that mimics the Mac OSX on screen display, including the volume change sound. Read more